Sober living in Ohio allows people undergoing substance use disorder (SUD) and alcohol use disorder (AUD) treatment to transition better from structured and monitored care to living on their own once again.benefits of sober living in Ohio

Sober living homes can range from simple and small residencies to large and luxurious establishments that include gym memberships, laundry services, daily cleaning, and more. There is a draw to being catered to hand and foot, but remember that sober living homes are about learning how to take care of yourself and reintegrating into society as a self-reliant, healthy, and functional person.

You never realize the full extent of the toll that addiction takes on your life and the lives of your loved ones until you begin a recovery journey. The time lost to addiction and relapses and recovery combined with the effects of addiction and withdrawal stunt your ability to properly take care of yourself and manage your finances and life.

What are sober living homes?

Sober living homes are residencies where people who have completed a substance abuse treatment program can transition from a structured treatment setting to a more independent and normal life in a supportive and drug-free environment. Every sober living home will have its own rules and supportive services, but they all share some common aspects, such as:

  • Residents must refrain from alcohol and drug use and follow house rules.
  • Residents must pay rent and participate in household chores.
  • Residents must take part in recovery activities, such as attending 12-step meetings or counseling sessions.
  • Residents must respect each other and the staff.

What differentiates a sober living home from a halfway house?

Sober living homes and halfway houses are both residences where people can stay as they transition from troublesome points of their lives to better ones. The two are not interchangeable, and differ in the following ways:

You can enter a sober living home voluntarily and live with other people who are also committed to supporting each other and staying sober. Sober living homes allow for more freedom and a wider range of amenities and support services that allow you to stay as long as you would like. These homes do not provide any formal treatment services.

A halfway house is a place where you can live after being released from prison or following the completion of a rehabilitation program. Halfway houses are more intensely structured and supervised and typically include case management, counseling, drug testing, and curfews. Length of stay is usually limited and can vary depending on your situation and progress.

What can I expect when I live in sober living in Ohio?

Sober Living in Ohio

Sober living homes in Ohio are certified by the Ohio Recovery Housing (ORH), which sets standards of excellence by ensuring that the homes meet the expectations of the National Alliance for Recovery Residences (NARR). You can expect:

  • Relationships with companions who share similar goals and challenges.
  • Rules and expectations, such as rent payments, chores, and house meetings.
  • Access to recovery resources, such as 12-step programs, counseling, job training, and education.
  • Flexibility and independence.
  • Support and encouragement from staff and peers.
  • A safe and comfortable place to live while you work on your recovery.

What are the benefits of sober living?

Sober living has a proven track record for being beneficial to the recovery and treatment process. Some of the benefits of sober living are:

  • Avoiding the harmful effects of alcohol and drugs on your body and brain will help you improve your physical and mental health. Sober living homes allow for better sleep, more energy, and happier moods.
  • Sober living homes facilitate building meaningful and sober connections with people who share your recovery goals and support you in your journey. These connections help reduce loneliness and isolation, which are common triggers for relapse.
  • Sober living homes allow you to develop and practice sober life skills that will help you cope with stress, find employment, manage your finances, pursue education, and maintain healthy relationships.
  • You’re able to transition from a treatment program or prison to a normal and independent life much easier through a sober living home.

Taste Recovery is Your Path to Sober Living in Ohio

Taste Recovery is Your Path to Sober Living in Ohio

Sober living homes will help you achieve long-term independence and sobriety by providing you with a supportive and drug-free environment where you can grow and thrive. Contact us today.