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More than 20 million people in the US have a substance abuse disorder. The sheer number of people affected by substance abuse can make overcoming it seem overwhelming. You’re making the right choice by looking for a sober living facility.

The support and structure you get from a sober living home can support your recovery. You can become part of the 75% of people who have experienced addiction and recover.

Finding the right facility for you may be easier than you think.

Learn more about what to look for in a quality sober living facility and how to find the best fit.

Location of the Sober Living Facility

The location of the sober living facility is essential. It will be your home for at least the next several months. You need a safe neighborhood that will promote your recovery.

You’re more likely to be successful in a sober home that is conveniently located. You want a facility near your work or school. You’ll need access to services like:

  • Healthcare providers
  • Grocery shopping
  • Sober leisure activities

Convenient access to recovery meetings is another high priority.

Some people find that a sober living home close to their family and friends provides recovery support. For other people, finding a new environment is a better choice.

Moving to a new city poses some challenges. It can offer a fresh start and more motivation, though. The best location for your sober living home depends on your situation.

Accreditation and State-Licensed Programs

The federal government doesn’t currently regulate sober living facilities. Many states don’t have regulations either. Some nonprofit associations offer accreditation, though.

Credentialing organizations ensure that sober homes meet codes of ethics. They conduct inspections to check compliance with health and safety standards.

Accreditation demonstrates that the management of a sober home is committed to providing high-quality care. It shows a concern for the well-being of the residents. It gives you more confidence that the care environment will remain safe and healthy.

Some sober living facilities offer regulated medical treatment, like drug testing or therapy. State laws require licensing for these types of programs. The sober home should be compliant with the applicable regulations.

Professional Staff

The staff in a sober living facility plays a large role in your recovery. You need people who are invested in supporting your success. This means finding the balance between being sympathetic and keeping you on track.

Some sober homes have staff who are in recovery themselves. These people can be a valuable source of peer mentoring.

All staff should have appropriate training. Anyone performing formal services like counseling should have the required license or certification.

The sober living home should have a reasonable staff-to-client ratio. On-site residential support from the staff promotes consistency and accountability.

Balance Between Structure and Independence

One of the main functions of a sober living home is to give you the structure you need to stay on track. A sober home is also preparing you to return to a fully independent living situation. The right balance between structure and independence is key.

Structure can include a daily routine, like waking up at a certain time or doing household chores. It should also include sobriety accountability.

Random drug testing is a common requirement. Participation in recovery programming or 12-step group meetings may be mandatory. A zero-tolerance policy for drugs and alcohol in the home should be another expectation.

However, too much structure won’t prepare you for life after you leave the sober home. You need to practice making daily life choices. For example, the facility may allow you to come and go freely during the day, but you must be home by curfew.

Flexible Length of Stay

You don’t know how long you’ll need to stay in a sober living facility. Some facilities require a minimum stay of six months. This supports long-term recovery success.

Choosing a home that allows a flexible length of stay gives you options. Ideally, you’ll find a sober home that will let you stay as long as you need. Of course, any stay depends on your continuing compliance with the rules.


You are typically responsible for paying for your room and board at the sober living facility. Beware of any sober home that claims to be free. This is a sign that the home is not reputable.

Costs that you may be responsible for include:

  • Monthly rent
  • Security deposit
  • Utilities
  • Personal food, hygiene items, and transportation

Price shouldn’t be the determining factor when finding a sober living home. However, finding a home that fits your budget is important. You don’t need the additional stress of not having enough money to cover your expenses.

Health insurance may help pay for living in a sober home. This is usually only an option if you enroll in an intensive outpatient program or have regular clinical counseling. Some facilities offer a type of scholarship or financing options.

A Sober Living Facility Where You Feel Comfortable

You’re choosing a sober living facility to be your home. Finding a place where you feel comfortable is essential.

You can take a tour of any sober home you’re considering. This gives you a chance to experience the environment. You want a place that feels positive and supportive.

The feeling you get from the staff is important. The feeling you get from the other residents is important as well.

You need a community that is as focused on recovery as you are. Having a sense of belonging and social support will help you in your sobriety.

Finding the Right Sober Living Home

You’re prioritizing your recovery by looking for a sober living facility. Finding the best fit for your situation will result in the best support.

The location of the home is one factor to consider. You should also look for a facility with a commitment to quality and a qualified staff. A good balance between structure and independence can help you be more successful.

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