sober living near me

Are you searching for sober living near me? Over 20 million Americans aged 12 or over are affected by substance abuse. Sober living is one way to improve treatment outcomes and help people sustain their recovery, but how do you go about choosing sober living?

Choosing a sober living house can feel overwhelming, with various options available. There are estimations of around 18,000 sober living houses in the US, but not all of them offer the same benefits.

One of the best ways to thrive in sober living is to look out for qualities such as population-specific sober living, including LGBT-friendly ones. Read on to learn more about how to find the best sober living for your needs.

How To Find the Best Sober Living

Sober living houses offer a safe haven to live without the pressures or triggers that threaten sobriety. You can have peace of mind that you will be supported to stay sober by a like-minded community that understands. So, how can you narrow down your sober living options and find the best option for you?

Ask for Recommendations

If you have been in a recovery setting, you can ask professionals for their recommendations. They will know reputable options with the proper licenses, skillset, and accreditations to support you. You can also ask for recommendations from people you trust, such as the LGBT community.

You can also ask the sober living home if they have any testimonials to read. There may also be reviews online for the sober living house.

Check Their Values and Requirements

What does the sober living house focus on? Do they share similar values with you? Do not be afraid to ask questions to check you are on the same page.

Many people who run sober living homes have also experienced addiction. You can ask about their experience and reasons for running a home.

Also, check if there are requirements to join the sober living home, such as attending a certain amount of weekly meetings, doing chores, and caring for yourself. It is essential to create a harmonious environment where people stay focused on why they are in the home. The best sober living will offer community but also independence for residents.

Inspect Amenities

You want to ensure the sober living house is safe and in good condition. Check amenities, cleanliness, and if there are private sleep quarters, and ask about the amenities. For example, you might want your own bathroom or a fully-stocked kitchen to feel comfortable and at home.

Use an Online Tool

When you search ‘sober living near me,’ a range of options come up, making it hard to know where to begin your search. You can also narrow your search for sober living near me by using a search tool such as Taste Recovery. These can help you find specific types of sober living, such as trans sober living or LGBT sober living.

Learn About the Community

A community can help you not only maintain sobriety but enjoy it. Connecting with like-minded individuals away from substances can help you reconnect to yourself. When searching for the right sober living house for you, ask what the community is like and whether there are community activities to help strengthen bonds.

Choosing the Right Sober Living

The right sober living for you might not be the most popular when searching ‘sober living near me.’ It is essential to search for the best sober living for you and your needs. So, consider factors such as:

  • The location
  • The rules
  • The staff support
  • The financial requirements
  • The length of stay

Sober living should help enhance your life, so pick an affordable, supportive, and flexible option. You want it to be in a location that suits your needs, such as whether there are public transport options nearby. You also want to review the rules for residents, such as peer accountability, drug testing, visitor policies, romantic relationship policies, and substance policies, such as whether prescriptions are allowed in the home.

Population-specific Sober Living

When choosing sober living near me, it is essential to consider population-specific options. These include working professional options, men-only, women-only, trans sober living, and LGBT sober living.

For example, finding an LGBT sober living option can provide many benefits for your recovery. These benefits include:

  • Feeling safe in the environment
  • Able to talk openly about sexual orientation
  • Sensitive and supportive community
  • Like-minded individuals
  • Targeted recovery

Everyone’s struggle with addiction is unique; however, sharing common challenges in an accepting community can help you thrive. You do not want to feel uncomfortable or unable to express yourself fully. There can also be targeted recovery activities, which can help meet your recovery needs.

How To Thrive in Sober Living

Sober living offers many benefits to help you not only survive sobriety but thrive within it. It is the perfect opportunity to gain a supportive community, stay accountable, and reconnect with yourself.

In order to thrive in sober living, it is best to research what sober living house is right for you. The best option will be a reputable home that supports the individuals that attend, such as population-specific sober living. You can then enter on the same page and fully commit to the recovery process.

Sober Living and Outpatient Rehab

Finding a sober living home can provide the support you need to recover from substance abuse. Nowadays, you do not only have to attend residential rehab to get sober. Various treatment options are available, including outpatient rehab and sober living options.

However, you must take the time to find the best treatment option for your needs and commit to it. Then you can experience a full and lasting recovery from substance abuse.

Sober Living Near Me: The Best Options

Sober living can offer you the support, guidance, and environment to thrive during your recovery. You can create meaningful and sober relationships, restore life skills, and gain independence, free from the ties of addiction.

However, you do need to find the best sober for your needs, as not all are created equally. Taste Recovery is a search application that helps you narrow down ‘sober living near me’ options, so you can find the ideal option for you. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions about our application or resources.