The Best Sober Living Homes in California

Sober living homes in California offer many options for those in need. Here’s a list of some of the best choices for you or someone you care about.


Are you looking for sober living homes in California, but aren’t sure where to start?

The great state of California has many options for those looking for support and accountability with staying sober. Whether you’ve recently completed a recovery program or have been struggling to stay clean on your own, a community is your best defense against future drug or alcohol abuse.

Some of the best places to find communities like this are sober living homes. They provide a physical space where you can interact directly with others. They often include some form of counseling or treatment, as well as everything you need to live a normal life.

With its enormous population, it’s no surprise that California has several options to choose from when it comes to recovery homes. Many of them are located within walking distance of the ocean. And the ones located toward the south near Los Angeles are conveniently close to all the sights, sounds, and opportunities of Hollywood.

In this article, we’ll go through some of the best sober living centers in California. Whether you’re a lifelong Californian or you’re moving there, you’ll find the support you need here.

Oak Forest Recovery

If you’re looking for sober living Southern California facilities, look no further than Oak Forest Recovery. It serves men and is based in Agoura Hills, California.

The Oak Forest Recovery home offers a structured sober living lifestyle. It claims to offer a program with a high structure with a core of compassionate care. In fact, every behavioral technician and house manager is a graduate of their own program.

This home helps residents build a new way of life for themselves from the ground up. It works with people recovering from both alcohol addiction and substance abuse issues. With its proactive, all-encompassing approach, it provides a sure way to recovery for those willing to work for it.

Past residents of Oak Forest have many positive things to say about their experience. One resident claims that the home helped him manage aspects of his life that he had difficulty dealing with before, going beyond his struggle with sobriety. He remains an active member of the Oak Forest community, as do many alumni of its program.

Oak Forest Recovery might be an appropriate consideration for people looking for sober living homes in Long Beach, California, as it’s located nearby. The home has strict rules for its residents, but these are integral for ensuring lasting recovery. Get all the details you need about this home here.

The House of Courage #2

For help with sober living California residents can count on, the House of Courage—working with men in Riverside, CA—is an excellent choice.

The second House of Courage location features a wide range of beneficial amenities. These include practical provisions, from linens to generous street parking, as well as more exciting features, including a pool. It’s also one of the more affordable options for sober living, with a monthly rental fee of just $600.

The House of Courage requires residents to stay sober for at least one week before moving into the home. It has a relaxed curfew of 11 PM and hosts three 12 Step meetings per week.

Like the other homes on this list, the House of Courage has an excellent rating from past clients. Overall, it’s a relaxed and relatively undemanding choice for those who need a little extra help staying clean from alcohol abuse. Check out our page here to learn everything you might need to know about this home and to get in touch.

Keystone Sober Living

For sober living by the sea, California residents can come to Keystone Sober Living in Costa Mesa. With a short driving distance away from Newport Beach, it’s a great place to start a new life from.

One of the hardest things about recovering from alcoholism and drug abuse is rearranging all the little aspects of your life that used to revolve around addiction. While that’s a challenging task in any environment, Keystone Sober Living makes it achievable with a safe, structured lifestyle. It also provides four 12 Step meetings each week.

Keystone has a somewhat stricter program than other options on this list. This makes it ideal for those who feel they need extra support and accountability on their way to recovery. With random drug tests, mandatory house meetings, and weekly chores, it’s sure to be a safe and rewarding experience.

The home and its program have several positive reviews from past residents. Clients say the center truly felt like home and helped them build a sense of stability for themselves. Besides simply being a place to live, residents say the experience of having a local support network and community is the best part.

If you thrive in a structured lifestyle, enjoy having roommates to keep you company, and want to make the most of your life after recovery, Keystone is a great choice. Its program goes beyond addiction recovery and helps with your personal life goals. Overall, you can expect a safe and fulfilling lifestyle in this California sober living home.

Once again, you can get all the details you need right here on our website.

Framework Recovery

Another full-service sober living center focusing on men, Framework Recovery is based in Orange County, California. The home works with a unique individualized framework to help people overcome the fear that often lies at the root of addictions.

Framework Recovery prides itself in offering a full spectrum of outpatient addiction care. Some of their available features are:

  • Partial hospitalization programming (PHP)
  • Intensive outpatient program (IOP)
  • Outpatient programming (OP)
  • Sober living home (SLH)

This home promises to provide individualized and targeted therapeutic interventions designed to end the cycle of substance abuse. These include group therapy, family therapy, and extensive monitoring, as well as individual therapy. Peer recovery coaching is also used to help the entire Framework community help one another and improve together.

Located in Huntington Beach and not far from the seashore, Framework Recovery has a sobriety requirement of one week. It has a fairly generous curfew of 12 AM, with quiet hours from 10 PM to 6 AM.

The home has an excellent track record of success. Past residents say that the structured lifestyle at Framework enabled them to begin living as functioning adults for the first time. One client even said they forgot they were in a sober living home because they found living there so enjoyable and engaging.

Get all the details on this home right here.

Thy Will be Done Women’s Recovery Home

Last but not least, Thy Will be Done is a recovery and sober living home targeting women in the Los Angeles area. Another center located in Huntington Beach, Thy Will be Done prides itself as an affordable transitional living home that helps women regain their independence.

Unlike many other sober living homes, this one welcomes pets and is smoke friendly. It has a fairly strict curfew of 10 PM on weekdays and Sundays, but a more generous one of 1 AM on Friday and Saturday. It’s also quite structured, with enforced quiet hours, mandatory house meetings, and daily chore requirements.

Like the other homes on this list, past residents of Thy Will be Done have only positive things to say about the home. Multiple women have said their lives were in shambles with no direction to turn when they entered the facility, but that everything changed for them afterward. Having a community to be a part of and being with people who care for them seem to be the biggest perks of living at Thy Will be Done.

With most sober living homes catering to men, Thy Will be Done stands out as a valuable option for women struggling with drug and alcohol abuse. Visit their page on our site to learn more.

Check Out Sober Living Homes in California Today

These are just a handful of the great sober living homes in California. Wherever you’re looking for sober living—Northern California or down south—you’ll find a facility that’s perfect for you.

Making a decision to overcome addiction once and for all is a courageous step to take. It’s not always obvious what steps to take afterward, however. Fortunately, sober living homes offer a clear-cut way forward for those recovering from substance abuse.

Taste Recovery has a large directory of sober living homes. Check out our FAQ here, then find the ideal home for you today.