Pennsylvania Addiction Treatment: Sober Living Houses in PA

Are you looking for addiction treatment options in Pennsylvania? Here’s a guide on sober living houses in PA so you can find the best selection for you.


The aftermath of rehab or detoxing from substance abuse can be scary. Transitioning from a world of sobriety to another where there are triggers and temptations all around is no easy feat. Many addicts relapse after this period because of the limited support in society.

However, this does not have to be the case. There are sober living houses in PA that you have the option to stay at. If you need the extra time to discover yourself and develop a strategy to integrate sober living into your new life, sober living homes are a great option for you.

Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of sober living in PA and if a sober living home is right for you.

What Are Sober Living Homes?

Sober living homes are houses constructed to allow a supportive environment for recovering addicts. They provide a living arrangement for those just leaving a sober treatment facility and who need more time adjusting to the realities of their life. Many recovering addicts need time to adjust after rehab to figure out practical life issues, such as job prospects, living arrangements, and more.

Sober living homes give you the environment and space you need to not be tempted into relapsing while planning for your future. There are options for sober living in Lancaster, PA, and more areas in Pennsylvania.

A lot of sober living homes abide by the 12-step program. There may be rules set up to maintain a sense of autonomy, responsibility, independence, emotional intelligence, and mental stability. Sometimes these homes have counselors on sight and host group meetings to enable community and support.

In sober living houses in Bucks County, PA, you get the opportunity to revel in your sobriety while planning your future. You can attend school, apply for jobs, and participate in your community, all while staying at a sober living home.

Sober Living Houses in PA

There are many options for sober living houses in PA. Many cities and counties offer various types of homes, so finding the right one for you is important.

Sober living homes are usually categorized by age and sometimes even gender. Below we will get into different cities and the benefits of each sober living home.

Sober Living Lancaster, PA

Cornerstone for Recovery and the R3 House are two options for sober living in Lancaster, PA. Cornerstone serves men while at the R3 House; you can be of any gender to qualify.

Cornerstone is a house that has a maximum occupancy of four adults. Internet, laundry, tv, and more are provided on-site. To further qualify, you have to be detoxed from drugs and alcohol. Like most sober living houses, there are general guidelines to follow, such as not destroying property or disturbing other patients.

In addition, you have to maintain a clean environment, abide by random drug testing and have a sponsor while working towards the 12 steps to recovery.

At the R3 House, internet, TV, and laundry are also provided on-site. It’s an apartment with a maximum occupancy of nine guests. Your requirements are that you are completely detoxed. There are mandatory house meetings, you have to keep a clean space, and you need a sponsor.

The R3 House focuses on healing you emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. This type of holistic living is beneficial in the transition to sober living.

Sober Living Pittsburgh, PA

The Oxford House is a sober living home located in Pittsburgh, PA. It serves men and has a maximum occupancy of eight people. It has both single and double bedrooms.

Residents have to be comfortable with weekly check-ins, random drug tests and be on an active 12-step plan. Rent is one-hundred and thirty-five a week, which averages to be around five-hundred and forty per month. This price is great, being lower than the average rent price in the United States.

They also offer payment plan options, which not every sober living home does. Having this option can help you get back on track while not having to worry about financial burdens.

Plus, you receive all of the amenities a home has to offer, such as internet, television, access to laundry, and more.

You are responsible for attending mandatory house meetings, developing personal goals, and up-keeping weekly chores.

Sober Living Houses in Bucks County, PA

Destination Recovery is a quaint home with ten bedrooms available for any age or gender. They offer case management, scholarships and provide transportation for their residents.

The staff has to have a year of sobriety background. Payment plan options are available, with monthly rent coming in at eight hundred dollars. This is about two hundred weekly.

Their maximum occupancy is eleven, with ten bedrooms in total. Bathrooms are shared spaces, and the house is smoke friendly.

Requirements for qualification include being sober for ninety days, having committed to a sober program before sober living, and complete detoxing.

Similar to the other houses, there are weekly meetings, random drug testing, and expectations of general cleanliness, sobriety, and responsibility from their residents.

Another option in Bucks County is the Progressive Living Recovery House in Levittown, PA. This house is different because it is solely for women. It also acts as an intermediate space between a sober living house and a recovery home.

In the Progressive Living Recovery House, you get individualized plans to get the best treatment possible. If you need additional addiction treatment services, they have that to offer. You can have an outpatient program or something like a PHP program.

In this house, you have access to the internet, tv, kitchen, laundry. Staff is available twenty-four hours a day for anything you may need. Weekly meetings are mandatory with random drug testing and surveillance on the property.

Sober Living Doylestown, PA

In Doylestown, PA, a part of Bucks County, Broadway Sober Living is an option for men. They house eight guests at a time with four total bedrooms.

Weekly rent is one-hundred and sixty, with payment plans and scholarships available. Transportation, surveillance, tv, internet, and laundry are provided. Curfew during the week is ten pm, while curfew during weekends is one am.

A one AM curfew is later than most curfews being at midnight.

Requirements include you being detoxed and having gone through a sobriety program before admissions. Unlike most houses which restrict their residents’ privileges for the first thirty days, this house has no restrictions on new residents.

Weekly check-ins, drug testing, house meetings are all required. You are delegated to daily chores. You must have personal goals and a sponsor while actively participating in the twelve-step program.

Sober Living Philadelphia, PA

Savage Sisters Recovery INC offers women a safe, trauma-informed space to get the recovery and care they need. They center their wellness around holistic healing. Yoga, pilates, and holistic practitioner visits are provided at Savage Sisters Recovery.

They have all of the basic amenities so that you stay comfortable and connected. Maximum occupancy is seven with three bedrooms. Bathrooms are shared.

The weekly rent is one hundred and sixty dollars. Your only sober requirements are that you are completely detoxed. You do not have to have previously attended a rehabilitation center to enroll.

You have to attend five twelve-step meetings per week, which is the biggest commitment about this sober living house in Philadelphia, PA. You have to upkeep both daily and weekly chores.

Mandatory house meetings, random drug testing, and personal goals are expected to be met. Curfew is eleven pm on weekdays, and one am on weekends.

This space is great for allowing a creative, judgment-free environment for women needing support. Sometimes women get overlooked in the sober living community. Having a women-only space gives comfort to women who may have sexual abuse issues that led to their addiction in the first place.

A women-run company that serves other women is the type of place to support.

Considering Your Options

Now that you have all of these options, it’s time to weigh which sober living houses in PA are right for you. No matter what type of support you need, there’s a little for everyone.

If you need holistic healing, sober living houses support that. If you need additional addiction treatment, there are sober living houses for it. Women-only safe spaces are available, while a hodge-podge is available too.

To find out more information on sober living houses in PA, Taste Recovery’s website will help you. Check out their PA directory to get more detailed descriptions of sober living houses and how you can enroll.