15 Things to Know About US and Texas Sober Living

Get some basic facts about sober living options in the U.S. Learn about the importance of recovery treatment and how to help those in need.

While graduating from a rehab program will be one of the hardest things you’ll ever do, it doesn’t mean that the challenge is over. Once you move back to everyday life, you’ll face a lot of challenges and temptations.

Living in a California sober living house is a great way to bridge the gap between rehab and normal society. A sober living house can help you maintain the positive changes you made throughout your time at rehab.

This article lists 15 things you should know about sober living options in the USA.

1. Establish a Treatment Schedule

One of the great things about sober living homes is that they make it easy to establish a regular treatment schedule. Since you’re already living in a rehab facility, it’s easy to facilitate any of the treatments that you require.

A sober living house is also often located close by to important rehab facilities. For example, you might find that your group therapy appointment is on the same block.

This makes it really easy to get into a good treatment schedule and stick with it.

2. Get Intro Healthy Habits

A sober living facility is also a good place to get into healthy habits. For example, a sober living house will promote healthy eating and provide you with healthy foods to eat every day.

This makes it easy to keep those healthy habits going once you leave the sober living house and start to live on your own again. Good or bad habits can take time to form, but once you get into a routine, it’s easy to stick with it.

Living in a sober living house can help you solidify these healthy habits because you’ll have all the support you need to make healthy choices.

3. Peer Support

When you get out of rehab, it’s easy to feel like you’re alone. The reality is that there are many people out there who know exactly what you’re going through. It’s much easier to deal with a difficult situation when you have other people to talk to who are experiencing the same thing.

When you get a fresh start in a sober living environment, you also get to socialize with other people who are facing the same difficulties as yourself. If you feel tempted to relapse or feel hopeless, your peers will be able to help you get back on the right track.

4. A Drug and Alcohol-Free Environment

When you’re newly sober, it’s important that you’re not around drugs or alcohol. In the early days of sobriety, you’re especially vulnerable to temptation. This is especially true if you’re around other people engaging in harmful behavior like drinking or using drugs.

sober living house has a strict no drugs or alcohol policy. This means that you can focus on becoming the best person you can be without having to worry about the temptation of drugs or alcohol.

5. A Positive Environment

When you get sober, you’re also very susceptible to the environment around you. If you’re in a toxic environment where people aren’t supportive or where negative emotions are running high, you might struggle to stay positive and keep sober.

On the other hand, if you’re surrounded by positive people who want only the best for you, you’re more likely to maintain a positive mindset. This positivity will then manifest itself in your own attitude and behavior.

Don’t underestimate the power of staying in a positive environment during your recovery.

6. Maintain Your Independence

One of the best parts about living in a sober living house is that it allows you to maintain your independence while still living in a positive and supportive environment.

Sober living houses are quite similar to living in a normal house. Generally, they’re also in a normal neighborhood, and you’ll be able to live a conventional life while you live there.

For example, if you’ve found a new job and want to start work, you can easily do that. This is a great situation, as starting work after getting sober can be a difficult experience.

A sober living house allows you to ease yourself back into normal life while still having a safety net.

7. Have Structure

One of the big problems faced by addicts is a lack of structure in their life. This can lead to things like not getting enough exercise or not getting enough nutrition.

At a sober living home, you’ll live in accordance with a balanced timetable, helping you get the structure you need to live a normal, drug-free life.

8. Transition Into Normal Life

The jump from rehab to normal life can be quite drastic. Many addicts aren’t ready for this radical transition. A sober living house is a great mid-point between living in conventional society and rehab.

While you still have immediate access to the support networks you had in rehab, you can also live a relatively normal lifestyle. This will make it a lot less stressful when you do finally move into your own place. This is because rehab and the sober living house will have recalibrated your brain, and you’ll have a new positive routine and mindset.

9. Live in Society

If you have a long stay in rehab, it’s easy to feel a sense of shock when you start interacting with normal society again. If your reintroduction to the real world is too sudden, you might feel a lot of anxiety.

A sober living house is a great way to help introduce you back into the world in a controlled and safe way. You’ll live in a conventional neighborhood where not everyone you run into is an ex-addict.

With that said, you’ll also have your own community you can fall back on at the sober living house.

10. Worry Less About Running a Household

Running a household is a stressful prospect when you’re just getting back on your feet. Of course, an important part of recovery is to embrace your responsibilities, but it makes sense to embrace them slowly.

If you’ve just started working a job for the first time in years, you might find it difficult to run a household as well. In a sober living house, you’ll have some degree of responsibility for your living space, but you’ll also have a lot of help.

11. High-Quality Property

Your living space can have a dramatic impact on your mood. As a recently recovered addict, you might not have much money to spend on an apartment.

If you live in sub-standard conditions, it can have a huge impact on your mental wellbeing. On the other hand, sober living houses tend to be very nice properties that will do wonders for your mood.

12. Support When You Need It

If you feel like you’re going to relapse, it’s important you have help at hand. In a sober living house, there are always protocols for getting you the help you need as soon as you need it.

Getting the right intervention at the right time can make all the difference between whether you relapse or not. Living in a sober living house can help immensely with you getting the help you need.

13. An Option for Relapse Support

If you’ve relapsed after previously staying in rehab, it’s not the end of the world. In some cases, going all the way back to rehab might be overkill. You might benefit a lot from spending some time in a sober living house instead.

Sober living houses are a great place to get your bearings and get yourself back on the right track.

14. Get Used to Sober Interactions

Many addicts rely on drugs or alcohol to be able to talk to other people. You might find that you struggle with basic interactions if you’re not drunk or otherwise intoxicated.

In a sober living house, you’ll live with other people in the exact same situation. There’s no shame in struggling with small talk in a sober living facility. Everyone else understands what you’re going through.

Once you get a bit more experience interacting without a chemical crutch, you’ll have a much easier time dealing with people in wider society.

15. Hope for the Future

One of the most invaluable things about living in a sober living home is the way that it gives you a sense of hope for the future. By creating a positive, supportive environment, you’ll be able to see that a life without drugs or alcohol is possible.

A Sober Living Home Could Turn Your Life Around

Transitioning from addiction to sober living is all about getting out of negative habits and switching them to positive ones. The environment you live in in the early days of your recovery is invaluable for facilitating this.

A US or Texas sober living home can provide you with that stable, supportive environment that you need to maximize your chances of recovery. If you want to stay in some of the best sober living homes in America, take a look at our contact page and get in touch today.